Rudiments Applied to the Kit
Rudiments Around the Kit

Beginner Drum Rudiments


Through all of your playing, regardless of the genre, you want to have a focus on groove. To have that working for you, you need a fair degree of essential rudiments control. Nearly everything you do around the drum set can be boiled down to a technique or essential rudiments-based discipline. This group of video drum lessons aims to take a bunch of these and throw them around the kit for you to enjoy. Try and mentally sail above what you're doing and really listen to the flow of your drumming. To do this, you will be needing to have your drum rudiments in pretty good shape. Let's be very clear about this: Groove playing doesn't totally rely on being a technique junkie but in this area we are applying groove thinking to your drum rudiments around the kit. This is so that you can really enjoy the process of the repetitive practice that you need to do. So, here's the point: be mentally challenged, musically stimulated and mildly amused while you do the hard work you need to do. It is critical that you maintain a good attitude while you work. Once you have become used to the way that these are laid out, you can start to improvise, using these beginner drum rudiments exercises as a springboard. When you start to get total control over your instrument, you begin to find your own special style and expressiveness as you develop.

Read below for lesson outlines:


Round the Kit Paradiddles

This is a fairly basic drum lesson video. Make sure your single, double and triple paradiddles are in good shape for this. The aim is to get some basic paradiddles moving around the kit but there is a dual purpose to all of this: A bit of left hand moving out onto the toms. So often, the right-handed drum student doesn't pay as much attention to the left hand as they could. This drum lesson is aimed at giving you an exercise that makes you focus on left a little bit while also attending to the repetition that you need for your paradiddle stuff. Make sure you watch your beating position on your toms. This is important for good tone quality all the time.

Paradiddles, Ride-Snare-Bass

This video drum lesson has a similar thrust to "Round the Kit paradiddles". The difference here is that the focus is on bass drum variations. Again, there is a dual focus for you. All you need to do is a single paradiddle in the hands here but the variation in the bass drum is your focus. On top of this, try and feel the groove component. Be clear here, there is a dual focus here, improving your paradiddle and continuing to develop you groove through more complex bass drum patterns.

Paradiddles Around the Kit 2

OK then, this gets complicated so pay attention to the audio/video. This is the second in this series. ("Paradiddles Around the Kit 1" is yet to be posted online!) It is deceptive how much work is on this page. Again, basic single paradiddles but with more variations thrown at it. As usual, feet get the attention but now we take it into a repetitive realm on the toms too. Many of the exercises here will be handy for you if you want to start getting you jazz fills moving. Bear in mind that the foot component of this drum lesson is squarely aimed at helping you to develop more automatic actions. Here's a thought for you: When you involve you feet in regular repetitive fashion through all your playing, it becomes very difficult to start to get "out of time". Involving more of your body physically with your playing keeps that internal clock swinging and holds you steady. It's the same as when you walk down the street. Your footsteps are even and so should your drumming. You don't walk out of time! Just don't speed up!

Kit Diddles

Sorry about the name or this one! It's just the way it is!

Single, inward, reverse, outward, double and triple paradiddles. All around the kit and placed into a couple of basic beats so that you can place them interestingly into your playing. The double and triple paradiddles get put around the toms and ride cymbal in order to amuse you while you repeat them 10,000 times! These exercises can be taken and applied directly to your grooves for fills. There is a large groove entity to these as well as a slightly tribal slant to the final exercises here. Tribal paradiddles, how about that. Enjoy!