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This is an area that will be one of the fastest growing topics at as it contains much of the important material to help get you on your way with becoming an independently learning drummer. If you can get a grasp of some basic reading, then you'll be in great shape to go and choose wisely when it comes to buying new and challenging material to play. Of course, you will also learn SO much by simply immersing yourself in the music that you would love to play but these online drum lessons are designed to help you look at things from a few different angles to help you along.

One of the biggest aims of is to help you connect to the page in order to expand your horizons. Drum counting is something that you do out loud or at least, quietly but very deliberately at first. The aim is to get you counting subconsciously so that you always have that bubbling along under everything you play. When this kind of thing is in place, your playing will flow and your drumming will be more relaxed, allowing you to focus on the music and really listen to what is going on around you. Again, this is an area that will be expanding greatly over the coming months.

Stay tuned!

Read below for lesson outlines:

Basic Counting Drum Exercises

As the title suggests, this video drum lesson covers some basic counting. Very short drum exercises but with the addition of constant regular bass drum beats to keep it all in time. This is an ideal exercise page to do on your own without the audio or video files but with a metronome to keep you in time instead. This drum lesson also introduces the triplet. For the beginner drummer, the triplet exercises can be tricky but pay close attention and you'll get it.

Drum Rhythms in Simple Time

This drum lesson video is a continuation of the counting topic. It is primarily aimed at the student wishing to expand their reading skills and consists of 16 exercises which are each 2 bars long. The main point of this page is to have a focus on the verbal counting of drum rhythms as you play them. It would be easy to present any bunch of rhythms on this topic but this is an actual transcript from one of my very early teachers and there is something about it that works really well for your drumming. It has always been one of those pages that is very popular with my students. BIG HINT: Try and move your eyes across the page a couple of beats ahead of where you're actually playing so that you train yourself to be a faster reader. This is something you need to remember to do. It is a skill that requires some constant focus until it becomes natural. It won't happen by itself through pure repetition alone.